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Product Name: Kwena Interlock Paver (TYPE S-A)
Category: landscaping products

Kwena interlock paving provides a surface that is durable, load bearing,aesthetically pleasing,easy to construct and maintain.


Kwena interlock paving saves money as:

  • The paving provides a continuous hard wearing overlay that is integral with the structure,carrying and spreading the load, thereby reducing the base layer requirements.
  • The interlock action spreads the load,reducing rutting in heavy traffic areas.
  • The blocks are self-locating and laying is faster and easier.
  • Access to underground services can be achieved and the surface reinstated.


Kwena interlock paving is a good choice where:

  • Concentrated point loads,vehicle slewing or high temperatures are experienced.
  • Level or sloping surfaces need to be covered;the interlock action holds the blocks on a slope.
  • Traffic volumes are high.
  • Appearance and aesthetic qualities are important considerations.
  • Coloured pavers can be used to demarcate certain areas and patterns can be created.
  • The paved area needs to be used immediately it is completed.
  • Damage from petroleum products,soap and detergents may affect other types of pavement.


Kwena interlock paving is a suitable application for:

  • Heavy industrial stacking areas and container depots.
  • Heavy industrial parking areas.
  • Medium industrial working areas.
  • Service areas and forecourts.
  • Urban roadways and major intersections.
  • Parking areas and driveways.
  • Sloping banks.




Length 220 +/- 2mm
Width 110 +/- 2mm
Height 60/80 +/- 3mm



Nominal Compressive
  Average Individual
25 25 20


Used in Following Projects:
Project Name
Investec Office Complex
Warehouse (Block 3)
Three Chiefs Monument
Baisago University College

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