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Product Name: Rock face Stock Brick (Charcoal)
Category: building products


Rock face concrete stock bricks are special class of decorative or architectural block that has a rough, stone like texture created by splitting the brick during production. These require less work than decorative finishes. It does not require any further application of a decorative finish the exterior surface, such as paint.

Our Rock face bricks are manufactured to standard to standard brick size of 220 x 105 x 70 mm.

Our Rock faced stock bricks are;

  • Manufactured to 14mpa compressive strength.
  • Product can be manufactured in a variety of colors
  • Benefits of using a Rock face brick
  • The exterior finish of split face block has a relatively low incremental cost because it does not require extra crew for additional finishing.
  • It has a stone like appeal which is attractive and catches the eye
  • Its durable and stable
  • Good for bad weather conditions
  • Product can be used for fair face brick work


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Used in Following Projects:
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BHC low Cost Residential Units (Block 3)

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