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Product Name: Kwena hollow blocks (Imperial & Metric Sizes)
Category: building products

We manufacture wide range of hollow blocks that have edge over conventional building material. These hollow concrete blocks require low maintenance and provide insulation from sound and heat and are also fire resistant. Moreover, these blocks need less cement mortar for joints and require little or no plastering thus speeds up the construction process.

High dimensional accuracy and consistent finish make it an ideal building material for both load bearing constructions and as partition walls. These hollow concrete blocks have high stress bearing capacity so are widely used in construction of buildings and many more depending on the job need.

Our hollow Blocks are manufactured to imperial and metric sizes. Imperial sizes are available in sizes in the following sizes;

  • 450 x 230 x 115 (4 & half)
  • 450 x 230 x 150 (6 inch)
  • 450 x 230 x 230 (9 inch)

Metric sizes are available in sizes in the following sizes;

  •  390 x 190 x 90 (4 & half): partition blocks for dividing internal walls and shutter blocks for concrete retaining walls.
  •  390 x 190 x 140 (6 inches): Single skin for external walls. Used for factories, houses, multi storey buildings and boundary walls.
  • 390 x 190 x 190 (9 inches): Traditionally used for construction of factories, retaining walls, multi storey buildings and 3metre high security walls


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Boundary Wall

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