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Production processes takes place under careful monitoring by trained and competent production personnel to ensure compliance with client specification and BOB’S standardization.In-house laboratory is also in place as additional measure against deviation from stipulated standards.Laboratory personnel also ensures that aggregates used conforms to stipulated specifications as laid out in Quality Control manuals.




KCP runs four plants that are dedicated to the production of paving and other masonry products and is capable of producing 190,000 units per day.The fifth is dedicated to the production of 360 concrete railway sleepers per day.This production capacity gives KCP the options in dealing with a production schedule of different products as determined by customer needs.


KCP Management Structure


The company’s management structure provides for three operational divisions of Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing, all headed by divisional managers. The chief Executive Officer has overall responsibility for the day to day management of the company with oversight responsibility entrusted with an independent Board of Directors.

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